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Can You Give Cats CBD? Everything You Need To Know About CBD and Cats

When you ingest a vitamin, it is absorbed into the body and helps to enhance its function. This is the same mechanism that CBD oil works on. It operates in the body’s endocannabinoid system in the same way. As a result, it affects mood, pain, and sleep. But you might be wondering, is it good for pets? Can you give cats CBD? Is It Safe?

Although many people may not believe that CBD can be used on a pet, it works in the same way as vitamins. The endocannabinoid system is similar in both humans and cats. As a result, when cats take CBD oil, they will experience the same benefits as people do.

Many people are familiar with the health advantages of CBD. It reduces pain, eliminates anxiety and depression symptoms by producing a soothing effect, and aids those undergoing chemotherapy. 

However, the consequences for pets, especially cats, are quite similar. You may now use it legally in many countries, so you can make your pet happy and healthy.

For those who are ready to introduce CBD to their cat, we’ve gathered some information to assist you. We hope this answers any concerns you may have.

Is It Safe?

The most common reason that people give their pets CBD oil is to improve their quality of life and alleviate symptoms. While CBD may not cure these problems, it will make them less painful.

Keep in mind that cats are unique individuals. To put it another way, their response to CBD may be different. Many veterinarians have concluded that CBD does not harm cats and has no side effects. Before giving your cat CBD, however, talk to your veterinarian first.

Furthermore, when giving CBD to your cat, keep in mind the dosage. CBD’s adverse effects are frequently caused by an overdose.

Make sure you know how much CBD your cat requires. Check the information when buying a CBD product from an online dispensary in Canada or any other source to ensure that you receive the appropriate dosage.

CBD is fine for cats, but marijuana isn’t ideal for cats or recommended.

The main difference between CBD and marijuana is that CBD does not make you high, while marijuana does. Marijuana also has a higher THC concentration than CBD. This can be harmful to your cat if they ingest it.

As a result, always check the labels when buying products. You should also ensure that the products you purchase are intended for pets.

If you’re interested on how to find the right CBD products for cats, check out our blog. 

Benefits of CBD for Cats

Here are a few of the benefits that your cat can obtain from CBD:

  • CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can help address chronic pain and infection caused by inflammation.
  • The adenosine and serotonin receptors of the brain are activated by CBD, which relieves anxiety and depression. Fear or timidity are also reduced.
  • It inhibits the development and survival of cancer cells.
  • It will provide a beautiful, healthy, and glossy coat. It also helps to alleviate the consequences of a variety of skin diseases.
  • CBD is an anti-inflammatory, and studies suggest that it can help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It also reduces swelling and pain, which are linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • CBD is fundamental to overall health. Your cat will live a long and healthy life. It also helps diseases decrease in occurrence.

Side Effects of CBD for Cats

The CBD side effects in people are minor. There are claims that the animal side effects of CBD are minor or non-existent. Cats have various chemical compositions and genetic makeups. As a consequence, their tolerance and response to CBD varies greatly.

If you want to give your cat CBD, be sure your veterinarian is informed of all of your options. Drowsiness is a frequent side effect, so keep an eye out for it. This may not appear to be the case since cats like to sleep. When you give your cat CBD, keep an eye on their sleep cycle. The ideal results may be obtained by utilizing the Best CBD Products.

If your cat is sluggish, make sure you decrease the dosage. This might help to relieve the symptoms. The following are some of the most frequent adverse effects:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in appetite

These are uncommon, but if any of them appear in your cat, decrease the dose and visit your doctor.

It’s also not a good idea to give your pet cannabis plant-derived CBD oil. This strain can only be used by people without problems. It is dangerous for pets. You will not find CBD oil in the form of a marijuana plant. People frequently mix up the two, despite their differences.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

When trying to introduce CBD to your cat, don’t be in a rush. It’s usually best to start slow. You do not need big dosages to begin with; it could harm your cat. To slowly incorporate it into their diet, give its body time to adapt without causing any negative effects, you must wait.

When giving your cat CBD, follow the dosage and instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer. Always read the product’s directions when using CBD for your cat. Follow the dosage recommendations below if you want to manage a chronic condition in your pet.

  • For issues like asthma, arthritis, give your cat 0.5mg/kg twice daily.
  • 0.1mg/kg twice daily and gradually work your way up to 0.5mg/kg twice a day.
  • For Inflammatory Bowel Disease – 0.2mg/kg twice daily.
  • For severe upper respiratory infection – 5 mg/kg twice daily.

If there is an unpleasant reaction after beginning this drug, decrease the dose. Also, inform your veterinarian of any new dosages you wish to test.


Is it legal? No, in the United States it is not. However, CBD is legal in certain states outside of the US and has shown beneficial effects on humans and animals. We believe that this post will help you understand some critical things to consider if you want to utilize CBD for your cat.

The benefits of CBD oil for cats are numerous. You can preserve your pet’s life, combat diseases, and extend its existence by using the correct dosage.

Whether your cat is on prescription drugs or not, CBD can help alleviate any issue and enhance its overall health. Take advantage of this wonderful potion right now – your joyful kitty will be grateful to you.