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CBD for dogs: How to get them to take it

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is a naturally occurring organic chemical found in the cannabis Sativa plant species. Because of its amazing qualities, it has grown in popularity. We’re aware that it’s beneficial to humans, but did you know you can also use it on dogs?

This is due to the fact that dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system as humans. CBD usually works in tandem with the endocannabinoid system to bring about several health benefits.

The FDA’s View on CBD Oil

The FDA currently dislikes CBD oil for dogs, but many people continue to give their dogs CBD oil because of several recent clinical study findings. The FDA is currently open to CBD oil studies, but the process may take a long time.

The FDA is open to CBD oil’s potential, but they are still unconvinced about its safety. And they don’t want you to utilize CBD to cure serious illnesses when you should visit the veterinarian for professional treatment.Always talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD.

Owners’ Reasons for Giving Their Dogs CBD Oil

CBD Oil for dogs does not cure any diseases, but it may aid in the treatment of pain and symptoms of:


CBD oil of 2.5 mg twice a day was found in one study to reduce seizure frequency by 33%. Two dogs were removed from the study owing to ataxia, which occurred in all but two of the test subjects.


2 mg of CBD oil twice a day decreased pain and improved activity for dogs with arthritis in clinical trials, according to studies on cannabidiol therapy for osteoarthritic canines. CBD oil had relatively few side effects in comparison to NSAIDs, which induce gastrointestinal problems.

CBD oil may help dogs with osteoarthritis feel more comfortable and function better. CBD oil has shown to be an effective treatment for canine osteoarthritis when used topically. The most straightforward way to administer the drugs during the research was via an oral tincture of CBD oil. This method allows for quick absorption.

Pain, Inflammation, and Soreness

Dogs experience pain in a variety of ways. Dogs’ reactions to pain, soreness, and inflammation caused by injury, age, or chronic disease may vary. Dogs may move slowly or withdraw from social interaction as signs of discomfort. CBD oil can help your dog feel less pain and discomfort, allowing them to participate more actively and sociably. CBD has been shown to inhibit an enzyme that causes inflammation.


There are many anxiety-prone dog breeds, and most dogs can become anxious due to external circumstances. Many dogs fall victim to separation anxiety. Pacing, panting, drooling, barking, whining are all symptoms of anxiety. CBD oil for dogs may help relieve some of the anxiety-related symptoms because of its relaxing effects. Many owners offer their dogs CBD oil to cope with anxiety because studies have shown that CBD oil has a soothing impact on animals. These dosages were 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg, and they resulted in a decrease in anxious behavior. Higher doses had no significant effect.

CBD Oil Administration to a Dog: How to Do It Safely

There are various ways to give your pet CBD if you want to:

Put the Product in your dogs Mouth

One of the simplest and most effective strategies to give your dog CBD is via a sublingual drop. Because you’ll be giving your animal exactly the right amount of the recommended dose, direct placement is ideal. It’s worth noting that many CBD oil products are dosed; this might be based on how many drops you need to administer to your dog, the degree of his sickness, weight, or size.

According to studies, the most efficient way for your dog to absorb CBD oil is via mouth application. While treats and other techniques may help, an oil tincture is preferable since a dog’s digestive system varies according to breed.

Add CBD To Their Favorite Food

All dogs adore food, and if we let them, they’d eat all day. If you feed your dog his or her preferred meal, he or she will clear the dish quickly. You may add CBD oil to their regular diet if you want to give your dog CBD. This helps guarantee that they ingest all of the CBD.

CBD edibles are often ingested this way because the flavor of CBD is covered by the taste of their cuisine. Dry meals are quite successful in hiding the texture and flavor of the CBD product. The majority of wet foods may not adequately mix with this organic chemical compound. As a result, your dog may quickly notice a change in its regular food’s appearance and flavor. As a result, make sure that the food you’re using can pass as your dog’s normal grub.

When combining this cannabis product with meals, start with a lower amount. As time passes, you may gradually increase the amount. It’s essential to remember that when you’re putting the oil in food, give it a few minutes to absorb fully. You can then offer your dog the meal.

Toss some CBD into a tasty blend.

Even though mixing CBD with food may appear to be the most effective approach, it isn’t always simple. Foods have a variety of components, and sometimes this organic component fails to mix with the food molecules effectively. However, adding CBD oil to peanut butter is simple. Because peanut butter has oil in it, you may simply combine the correct amount of CBD oil with it.

CBD Oil on a Treat

Yes, CBD oil may be used as a regular treat for your pet. Because treats are usually given as rewards for good conduct, this is an excellent approach to encourage your dog to connect CBD with something pleasant. They also help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. The majority of dog snacks are baked goods shaped like cookies or buns.

Dry nature is another option for absorbing cannabidiol oil. To give your dog CBD in the form of a treat, apply the required doses to the treat. Allow for absorption for a few minutes if that’s too much effort. Check out our CBD dog treats if this is too much trouble!

CBD oil in a pill or in a toy form is another simple option for giving CBD to your pet. A recent research found that dogs ingested 2 mg of CBD-containing soft chews twice daily with a 96.7 percent success rate.

Add CBD Oil to Water

It’s difficult to administer CBD tinctures, which are usually applied beneath the tongue, to your dog. However, you may use this approach by diluting the CBD oil in water. Quality CBD Oil is often virtually flavorless and odorless. You may add the oil into their drinking water without them knowing. Just be careful to put the correct dose in order for your pet to receive all of CBD’s advantages at the end of the day.

The Bottom Line

CBD is a very beneficial organic chemical. Because of its efficacy in treating a variety of canine illnesses, most dog owners are turning to it. Note that the effectiveness of CBD varies depending on the type of medical condition being treated, as well as the severity and manner of administration. Although oral administration may take hours to produce an effect, it is typically the most successful method. Given this information, your dog will undoubtedly notice long-term benefits from this substance.