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A fluffy can with its front paws clutched close to its face.

Is It Okay To Miss A Dosage Of CBD Oil On My Cat?

Just like any other pet owner, cat owners want to be sure that their cat is happy and healthy. Naturally, when their cat starts to show signs of illness, owners quickly start to look for a solution. There have been major steps that have been taken in how we treat these illnesses. However, the medications that are often used may not always be the solution. Some cats are allergic to medications, or the prescription is not sufficient to return the cat to health on its own.

Many pet owners have started to turn to more holistic options when dealing with these issues. Recently, CBD has risen as a potential option.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many compounds found in cannabis plants, like hemp and marijuana. There is a lot of misconception surrounding CBD. One of these is that people often confuse it with another compound found in the same plants, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both of these compounds are found in cannabis plants. However, CBD and THC produce radically different effects in our bodies.

THC is the compound that creates the high that is most often associated with cannabis. CBD is much milder than THC. CBD does have effects on the brain effectively to promote a calming effect and will not give you the high that THC does. CBD also does not impair cognitive functions as THC can. THC is toxic for cats and shouldn’t be given to them.

CBD may be found in all plants in the cannabis family. However, most CBD manufacturers are more likely to use hemp instead of marijuana. There are several different reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that hemp tends to be richer in CBD than marijuana.

CBD is often used by humans to relieve stress, help with their epilepsy, use for skincare, or to help with any number of ailments. Now pet owners and holistic veterinarians have started using CBD for similar benefits for their household pets, including cats.

What can CBD oil do for cats?

Cat owners have been using CBD to help their cats with several different problems. Mammals have what’s known as an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system is made up with receptors that can interact with cannabinoids.

As with humans, cats may benefit from CBD to help with epilepsy, relieve stress, and the conditions of their coats and skin.

Inflammation may be a side effect of all kinds of pain issues in cats, including arthritis and pancreatitis. One study looked at how CBD may be able to help dogs with pain. The study found that CBD may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the trouble areas. This could possibly lead to less pain and better movement. While this study focused on dogs, it may also be able to help cats in a similar way.

CBD has been known to help increase the production of serotonin and dopamine. Both of these are compounds that could have a positive effect on mood and attitude. Most studies looking at this have found many positive results, but they have also been focused on people. However, many pet owners and vets have reported improvements in a cat’s anxiety after starting with CBD. This could possibly help with separation anxiety, former feral cats who may still be skittish at home or anxiety caused by situations that are potentially distressing for cats (like car rides to the vet).

How do I give my cat CBD?

Cats may sometimes be difficult to give medication to. They don’t fall for the coating-a-pill-in-peanut-butter trick like dogs tend to. In fact, getting a cat to sit still long enough to do anything may often be a challenge. So, how do you get them to take CBD?

CBD oil comes in many different forms. However, most of the forms are made with humans in mind. If you are trying to give a CBD product to your cat, the easiest way is CBD drops. By this we mean drops of CBD tinctures. You may simply put a drop directly into your cat’s mouth or mix it in with their food or treats.

Because of the plants that CBD is derived from, some of the oils may be rather bitter in taste. Sometimes, buying a CBD product with flavoring can help mask that hemp flavor.

If you would like to use CBD to help with your cat’s coat and/or skin, the easiest way to go about it is by applying it directly to their skin or fur. Feeding them, the CBD may also help, but the direct application seems to work better for skincare.

There are not many CBD products made for cats. However, there are some that are made for dogs, and cat owners have reported that those work just as well. Many people will just use CBD products made for people but make the doses smaller.

If your cat is already on medication, be sure to talk and work with your vet before starting your cat on CBD. Missing a dose of CBD oil with your cat is not a big deal. It won’t hurt your cat to not take it, though, it may make whatever you are giving them the CBD for come back. But all you need to do is start giving your cat CBD again like you used to.

Anyone with a pet knows that they are more than just a pet; they are a part of the family. Cats are no exception. So, it’s not surprising that people want to do what they can to help their cat. CBD may not be the solution for all of your pet’s problems, but it appears that it may help.

Be sure to talk to your vet before you give any CBD to your cat. While they can’t prescribe CBD oil, they will be able to guide you on whether or not CBD is right for your beloved pet. Also be sure you are buying THC-free products.