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Partnering up with the Humane Society of Utah

Did you know that when you buy Companna you are helping homeless pets? We want to work together in helping the lives of our four-legged best friends. That is why we decided to team up with the Humane Society of Utah to continue our mission of bettering the lives of animals everywhere and you can join in the fun too.

How Companna works with the Humane Society of Utah

The Companna Team, being a brand that values the health and well-being of animals, wanted to partner with individuals who also value these things.¬† We do not only wish to help the wonderful pets we love but also the animals who don’t have homes.

That is why since we share a very similar mission with the Humane Society of Utah and knew this would be a great opportunity to help more animals. This is something we want to work on together, which is why you can be a part of it too.

How you can help the Humane Society 

The Humane Society of Utah has provided ways so that the community can also contribute. There are volunteer opportunities that have helped save the lives of over 7,000 animals every year. The volunteer options provided are direct animal support, assisting in educating the community, providing support to staff, helping showcase adoptable animals, assisting in fundraising and events, and so much more. There is also the option to help by donating directly to them.

Another significant way you can help is with every purchase made through Companna a $1 is donated to the Utah Humane Society. This is a great simple way that adds up to making such a big difference. We can be part of the reason there are more happy successful stories for cats and dogs.

Our hope is to work together in helping the lives of animals.

About the Humane Society of Utah

The Humane Society is the largest private nonprofit animal welfare organization in Utah. It has been around since 1960, dedicated to sheltering homeless animals, fighting cruelty and neglect, and creating an atmosphere of respect, responsibility, and compassion for all companion animals. The Humane Society of Utah finds it crucial to help animals in need. They want to provide the proper care as well as bring pets and people together. As a result, they have many happy success stories of animals recovering and getting adopted into loving homes.

The Humane Society of Utah also does a lot more to help the lives of animals. They contain low-cost veterinary clinics, foster programs, behavioral, training, and humane education programs plus much more. Everything they do to benefit the lives of cats and dogs.

You can now help your pet and other animals with every purchase from our products.

We’re excited to work together.

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