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What Are CBD for Cats Benefits?

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil For Cats? We’ve seen that humans and our pets can reap a variety of benefits from CBD oil use, so you may be wondering what the advantages of CBD oil for cats are.

There are no CBD studies specific to cats, yet there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence from cat owners who have faced difficulties and had few alternatives. Veterinarians that spoke with people who were using CBD oil discovered that when their cats were given in moderation, their issues were greatly relieved!

CBD Oil for Cats with Fear and Anxiety

Excessive fear or anxiety might prevent your cat from having a complete. Happy existence and can cause other health problems if left untreated. Your cat may begin to “go” in locations other than their litter box, become destructive, or lick themselves until they lose fur. These actions can be distressing to a homeowner who has to clean carpets and watch their kitty get bald.

A reddit user’s senior cat suffered from severe anxiety as a result of an unpleasant experience. They learned that CBD oil was able to quickly restore their cat’s normal demeanor and change their lives.

“Olive, my 16-year-old cat, has always been skittish, but after a few distressing events, he became severely anxious. He began pooping all over the house (always on carpeted surfaces of course), meowing loudly, leaping on me while I was sleeping (he’d always been very quiet during sleepy-time) and so on out of nowhere. I was just looking for anything that would help my cat, but I accidentally discovered CBD. Since then, I’ve been giving it to him. He has not pooped outside of his box since day one and all of his other bad behaviors have virtually vanished.”

CBD Oil for Cats with Pain

When we see our cats in discomfort, it pains us greatly. Many cat owners have tried prescription medications. They then discovered that they usually do not last long or otherwise appear to be ineffective at relieving their pet’s pain. While CBD oil may not be able to cure pain, whatever is causing it will need to be treated by your veterinarian.

Pet owners claim that it helps relieve their cats’ discomfort.

There are several stories about how cat owners have made their cats’ last days more bearable with the aid of CBD oil.

“I tried half a dose twice a day, which was enough to relax his face and let him feel at ease being picked up, carried, or petted. It did relax him enough that I can carry him to bed with me and he’ll lie on my chest. I know we’ll say goodbye soon, and no wonder drug will alter it, but I’m glad that I can provide some consolation as the light fades away.”

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

CBD oil has shown to be beneficial in treating cat ailments and improving their quality of life. CBD oil is already being used successfully by cat owners and veterinarians across the country. More study is needed, but based on what we know so far, CBD oil may very well be what your cat needs to live a healthy and happy existence.

Helping With Dementia

As our cats’ bodies grow older, so do their minds. Watching your cat grow old may make you feel powerless, especially if they begin to exhibit symptoms of dementia. CBD oil has been proven to help some senior cats with dementia by reducing the severity of the disease.

“It’s helped my 19-year-old cat, too! We’ve been feeding it to him in the evening – he has feline dementia and receiving it in the evenings has helped him become more calm and less likely to wake us up screaming during the middle of the night (something he only started lately).”

These tales, however, have yet to be supported by research (although they will be in the near future). Yet they are regularly shared by cat owners who have previously inquired about what CBD oil for cats has to offer. These people have encountered such incredible outcomes that they felt the need to inform others so that other cats may live happier lives.

When it comes to giving your cat CBD oil, be sure to talk about dosage and advantages with your veterinarian first. Remember that not all CBD oils are the same; some can contain dangerous chemicals and others may include THC, which could harm cats.

Anxiety Related Benefits

If your pet suffers from anxiety as a result of vet visits, automobile journeys, or weather events, this will help you get through it.

It appears as if your cat is living the life, with napping for most of the day and meals delivered for free. You do everything you can to ensure she has nothing to worry about, but even a treasure trove of catnip mice can’t keep her from dealing with some difficulties. Some cats are afflicted with daily anxiety. This has a negative impact on their health. It might be the result of a terrible event like as a vehicle trip that went horribly wrong, or it may simply be your cat’s normal disposition to be anxious all day.

CBD for cats is proving to be an effective way to relax a cat’s nerves, whether they are suffering from situational or behavioral anxiety. It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which is the same in people and dogs and cats. It’s a body’s control center for health and healing, made up of receptors found throughout the body’s major organs as well as other areas.

When CBD is absorbed, it activates the endocannabinoid system, which performs a physical examination of the body. It stirs up hormones if there is a chemical imbalance (such as when your cat is afraid). The result is a more composed and self-assured kitty.

Age-Related Joint Pain Relief

It’s never easy to see your joyful cat begin to slow down, and it may sometimes feel inevitable. You can’t stop her from aging, but there are a few indicators of age that CBD oil might assist alleviate. Chronic joint discomfort is one of them.

CBD for cats has been proved to help with a variety of conditions, including chronic pain. According to a team of researchers from the University of London, CBD may be a new type of medication that helps with pain relief. That hasn’t been decided yet, but pet owners and their pets are already seeing measurable benefits from CBD oil for chronic joint discomfort.

Cartilage in a joint deteriorates and becomes inflamed as it wears away. CBD oil reduces inflammation and makes movement more comfortable without causing pain. It won’t be a miracle cure for your cat, but it will provide her with much-needed comfort.

Appetite increases and nausea decreases

When a cat is not eating, one of the first indicators that something is wrong. It’s connected to many feline illnesses and can have devastating consequences on its own. Your cat’s body can’t absorb nutrients without food, so she won’t be able to fight whatever illness is overtaking her system. She won’t be able to resist if she doesn’t have enough energy.

A lack of appetite might be a sign of something serious, but it can also be caused by medication designed to assist with the condition. Chemo is an example. Chemo may potentially save your cat’s life, but it is also quite harsh on the body.

Fighting back nausea and frequent vomiting induced by chemotherapy may make eating impossible for cats who require food desperately. CBD oil may help your cat stay strong in this situation.

Seizure Suppression When Medications Don’t Work

Many cats with epilepsy suffer from multiple seizures each day, and anti-seizure medications are seldom successful. Despite significant study, we still don’t know much about cat epilepsy. We don’t know what causes it, and we don’t know why some drugs work by providing cbd for cats benefits for some cats but not others.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, it’s not uncommon for antiseizure medicines to be ineffective in certain individuals, and this is true of cats as well.

CBD oil is proving to be a viable option for cats whose medicine doesn’t work or has severe negative effects, such as kidney failure. CBD oil reduced the number of seizures by at least 50% in 39% of participants in a 2014 research on drug-resistant epilepsy in humans. Because humans and cats have similar endocannabinoid systems, it’s easy to see how cat owners are experiencing similar outcomes for their pets.

Asthma Symptoms Are Relieved

Asthma in cats is comparable to asthma in people. It’s a persistent inflammation of small airways in a cat’s lungs, according to WebMD. During an asthma attack, the airways constrict and reduce the amount of air reaching the lungs drastically. Attacks in cats are generally minor, although many are deadly. Most cats diagnosed with this respiratory disease live their entire lives with an inhaler near them.

CBD oil should never be used in place of an inhaler, but it may help your cat have fewer asthma attacks and provide many benefits for your cat. It takes only seconds for a severe asthma attack to completely block the airway. CBD oil might benefit your cat by reducing the risk of an attack when you’re not available to assist.

Finding A Product

Now that you know a few of the potential CBD for cats benefits that may help your cat, it’s time to select the best product. Cat owners demand CBD oil that is entirely natural and devoid of THC. That’s why they like our Companna Organic Hemp Oil so much. It’s one of the only CBD oils on the market that is specifically designed for pets.

It’s legal in all 50 states, and you’ll be sure your pet is getting high-quality ingredients because to human grade components.

Companna Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made with human-grade components and is completely safe for animals and has the most CBD benefits. It was examined by a third-party firm and found to be free of hazardous chemicals and containing no THC, so your cat will never feel high.

We’re delighted to provide you with our certificate of analysis so that you can see for yourself that Companna is the finest quality, most responsible option for your pet. Read more about CBD products for cats.