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What’s the Recommended CBD Dosage for Dogs?

The appropriate CBD dosage for dogs is determined by a variety of variables, so it varies from dog to dog. That’s why we’ll dig into this topic in depth and walk you through how to calculate the ideal amount of CBD for your pet.

People turn to holistic natural medicines in their quest for health. That’s where CBD comes into play. Hemp oil is a cannabis-derived cannabinoid. While its effects on the body have not been thoroughly researched, we’re seeing promising results demonstrating that it can help with pain, anxiety, and stress in both human beings and our four-legged companions.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical component present in the cannabis plant that was first identified in 1940. It accounts for up to 40% of the cannabis extract.

Despite the fact that research is undecided, CBD’s effectiveness for stress and anxiety is increasing. The endocannabinoid system, which controls metabolism, sleep, hormonal regulation, and stress in humans, is influenced by the herb’s interaction with it.

When CBD activates the ECG receptors, it activates a variety of molecular pathways that can help with pain relief, situational anxiety, and depression. So, are you able to give dogs CBD oil for the same reasons as people take it? The simple answer is yes.

Did you know that CBD has the ability to reduce epileptic dog seizures? And there’s more: this complex has the potential to help epileptic dogs. There are no official dosage standards for CBD in dogs at this point because CBD dog research is just getting started. The situation is different depending on your dog’s weight and the degree of its illness. We’ll show you how to determine the correct dosage, depending on your dog’s weight and severity of his condition.

Factors in Determining the CBD Dosage

Each CBD pet product firm has its own guidelines. Furthermore, dogs have varied requirements, therefore no single solution works for everyone. That being said, the top CBD dosage for dogs is determined by two main factors.

The Weight of Your Dog

The most significant aspects to consider when determining the ideal CBD dosage for your pet is his or her weight and size. The greater the dog, the more CBD you’ll need. Although CBD is derived from the same plant, different breeds of dogs may require various amounts of CBD to function properly. Depending on your dog’s size and condition, it may need anywhere from 0.2 milligrams per pound of body weight to as much as 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.

That’s why starting slowly and increasing the dose only when necessary is critical.

The Severity of the Condition 

To figure out the best CBD dose for dogs, consider your dog’s reasons for taking it.

If your dog is in good health and you’re giving it CBD just for general well-being, the amount will be relatively small. When your dog has arthritis, however, a greater CBD dosage will provide better relief.

Activity Level

The proper CBD oil dosage for dogs is also determined by your pet’s energy level. 

The chemical will stay in your dog’s system for approximately six to eight hours if it is rapidly metabolized. The faster your dog’s metabolism, the longer the compound will stay in its system. More active breeds process CBD faster than less active ones due to their greater activity levels.

Because senior dogs have a slower metabolism, they don’t require CBD treatment on a daily basis.

Underlying Health Conditions 

The amount of CBD a dog requires depends on many things, including his or her size. For example, if you have a large dog and your veterinarian recommends one milligram per pound (1 mg/kg) of body weight, that may not be enough for the large majority of dogs.

For example, liver or kidney problems might block CBD’s metabolism in dogs. The chemical can also slow the action of medications that are broken down in the liver.

If your puppy has any underlying health concerns, you should consult with your Veterinarian before giving it CBD.

What’s the CBD Dosage For Dogs? How Much Should I Give Them?

CBD products for dogs generally recommend a CBD dosage of mg per pound. The recommended beginning dose for novices is 0.2mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight.

However, some research on dogs with osteoarthritis indicates a dosage of 1mg per pound twice a day. This is equivalent to 20 mg CBD per kilogram every day, which is ten times the amount taken by novices.

The condition you’re trying to remedy is most important.

For The First CBD Dosage For Dogs, What Should It Be?

You should act solely in your dog’s interests. For general health, a low dose of 0.2 mg per pound is sufficient. When your dog is experiencing moderate discomfort, anxiety, or stress, however, you may use a medium dosage of 0.3 or 0.4 mg CBD per pound instead. Finally, if your pet has recurring serious pain episodes, gradually increase the amount to the maximum potential, which is up to 0.5 mg per pound daily or as frequently as required.

It is most effective if your dog has no prior experience with CBD. You may gradually increase or decrease the amount according to your dog’s response. Make sure to keep an eye on your pet for a few hours after taking the tablets to determine whether they need more or less.

How to Calculate the Optimal CBD Dosage for Dogs?

How Begin with a low dosage. Some dogs may get sick if you give them a high CBD dose, such as nausea or diarrhea. Nonetheless, it happens rarely.

So, how can you figure out the correct dose for your dog? It’s all quite simple.

To begin, you should have an estimate of your dog’s weight. It’s preferable if you take it at the veterinarian’s office rather than at home.

If it weighs 20 pounds, you’ll need to divide your pet’s weight by 0.2 mg, which is typically considered a good starting point. The total would be 4 mg of CBD per day as a result of this calculation. Higher than the CBD dosage for pain, the CBD dosage for pain can be found in the following section.

How can you figure out how much oil will contain 4 mg?

CBD oils are available in 30ml bottles. The most common CBD dosages are 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg per brand.

So, in a 30ml bottle of 250mg CBD, there are approximately 8 mg of CBD per ml. If your dog only requires 4mg per day, however, you must administer only 0.5ml of the oil.

What to Look for in a CBD Dog Product?

With an increasing CBD demand and the expanding alternative medicine sector, counterfeit goods are numerous.

That is why, while looking for the best CBD supplement for your dog, you should think about the following.

Is the Provider Reliable?

Check the reviews on Trustpilot or ask your veterinarian if they’ve heard of the firm. Information about the manufacturer’s manufacturing process is also important. High ethical standards entail that businesses make it readily available on their websites.

Was the Product Tested For Quality and Purity by Third-Party Labs?

CBD products are frequently subjected to lab testing for potentially harmful microorganisms, pesticides, or molds. The providers should give you a certificate verifying the quality of their CBD goods if requested.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

A reputable firm should be able to walk you through the product-specific specifics.

If they can’t or don’t respond, don’t waste your money and time on these items. There are many more alternatives out there.

What Oil Base for CBD Products Do They Use?

Poor-quality CBD products are easier to digest since they contain base oils. You can tell low-quality items right away by looking at the label. If you come across a product that includes alcohol as the basis for CBD, don’t buy it.

Hemp, coconut, and olive oils are three examples of great CBD lubricants.

Types of CBD Products for Dogs

You’ve learned how to calculate the optimal CBD oil dose for dogs, so you’re ready to look through the many CBD dog supplement choices.

Oils, tinctures, edibles (treats or chews), pills, and topical lotions are the most popular forms of CBD.  


CBD dog products that include CBD biscuits and oils are among the most prevalent. The oil instructions make it simple to calculate the CBD biscuits dosage for dogs.

The distinction is that some treats are difficult to break and measure precisely. That’s why they’re suggested for bigger dogs, who require higher CBD dosages.

Soft CBD chews are also becoming more popular. They’re ideal for puppies because they may be sliced and weighed without much effort.

Our top pick for a wonderful CBD treat for dogs is the HempMy PET dog treats, which include 5 milligrams of high-quality CBD in the large dog version with pumpkin. You can give your puppy the 2mg CBD pumpkin harvest biscuits if he or she is small.

CBD Oils and Tinctures

In oils and tinctures, the CBD dose for dogs is simple to calculate. The bottles come with pipettes, ensuring precise dosing and reducing the risk of giving your dog too much or too little.

CBD Capsules

These are CBD and base oil-filled collagen capsules, which makes them an excellent choice for bigger dogs.

The method for dosing CBD in capsules is more difficult to accomplish for dogs than that for humans. Picky eaters may also be put off by the idea of taking them.

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

You may apply the oil in a number of ways, as follows:

  • Pour it straight into your cat’s mouth. If you accidentally brush the pipette against your cat’s mouth, the rest of the oil in the bottle will be contaminated.
  • Pour it over his or her meal.
  • Put a few droplets on your finger and massage them over the dog’s gums. This will stimulate the production of saliva, which will then speed digestion.

CBD Dosage for Dogs With Health Conditions

The CBD dosage is determined by the condition you’re treating, so less for milder health problems. Let’s look at the proper dose for the most frequent health conditions. 

CBD Dosage for Dogs With Pyoderma

Pyoderma is any skin condition characterized by lesions filled with pus. Other symptoms might include:

  • Hair loss
  • Itchy skin
  • Yellow papules
  • Skin bleeding

The CBD will not cure the illness, but it can help to reduce pyoderma inflammation and itching.

There is no right CBD dosage for psoriasis, so it’s best to start small and increase until you see results.

CBD Dosage for Diabetic Dogs

Diabetes can be a terrible blow to you and your dog, but recent research suggests that CBD might be beneficial.

In 2006, doctors at the Hadassah University Hospital in Israel treated diabetic mice with 2.2 mg of CBD per pound of body weight each day. The researchers discovered that CBD reduced levels of proinflammatory chemicals linked to diabetes.

That said, keep in mind that the outcomes of a study in mice may not always be representative of those in dogs. Before proceeding with such a large amount of CBD therapy, talk to your veterinarian first.

CBD Oil Dosage For Seizures in Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to significantly reduce epileptic seizures in dogs in a recent research. n1.1 mg of CBD per pound was found to significantly reduce the fits.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog for Anxiety?

Dogs are prone to situational anxiety. It’s not just that it might create a bad experience for both you and your dog, but it can also make going to the veterinarian, traveling, or relocating to a new house a stressful event.

Increasing your intake of magnesium at least to the RDA can help you relax. Administering 0.2 mg per pound 30 minutes before a fearful situation might assist you in reducing tension considerably.

How Much CBD Oil for a Dog With Arthritis?

However, in dogs with osteoarthritis, taking 0.5 to 1 mg of CBD per pound twice a day appears to be beneficial. But, before you do anything, you should consult with your veterinarian.

How Much CBD Oil for Dogs With Joint Pain?

You should administer 0.2–0.5 mg of CBD per pound of body weight according to the extent of pain.

Keep track of the response, and increase the dosage if required.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs With Cancer

Although there isn’t a lot of research, there are some encouraging results regarding CBD’s effect on cancerous growth. However, you won’t discover a recommended CBD dosage for dogs with cancer yet.

Side Effects

While CBD is extremely safe, it has some minor drawbacks.

  • Drowsiness. 

Higher CBD concentrations, like the 1 000 mg dose, may cause a sleepy dog. That is why, before using it, you should first inquire about the appropriate dosage of 1000 mg CBD for dogs from your CBD source.

  • Lowered blood pressure

Some dog owners point out that higher CBD doses can cause blood pressure to drop temporarily.

  • Vomiting.

You should be aware that if your dog refuses the CBD, it can happen. It’s mostly due to the harsh taste of the bitter oil. On the plus side, you could discover a bacon-flavored option for your beloved pet.

  • Diarrhea. 

In this scenario, you should reduce the CBD oil dosage for dogs and see whether it improves with time. If it doesn’t improve, take a break from CBD for a while.


CBD could be a wonderful supplementary component to your dog’s diet. Many customers claim fantastic outcomes with even the lower CBD concentrations and dosages.

Cannabis has been used to treat dogs with anxiety, stress, pain, and even osteoarthritis. There is no CBD dosage for dogs chart since the science in this area is still young.

A starting dose of 0.2 mg CBD per pound is usually sufficient. Higher doses of up to 0.5 mg are advised for more serious conditions, such as severe pain, according to experts.

CBD pet products for dogs are available in a variety of forms, including CBD oils, treats, pills, and topicals. Begin slowly and cautiously and adjust as needed.

Good luck!