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A dog looking sad while laying down.

Will a dog have withdrawal if you take them off of CBD oil?

Want to get on board the cannabidiol (CBD) pet wellness train but aren’t sure how it will affect your dog? Read on below to find out.

What should I know about CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring substance found in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive in the sense that it doesn’t get you or your dog high and doesn’t cause a feeling of intoxication.

What kind of effects could CBD oil have on my dog?

This formal study looks at the effects of CBD in dogs. Others look at the CBD’s effects on other animals or humans, and we draw conclusions from those studies about what could work for dogs and how CBD may affect dogs. One thing that we are sure of is that dogs have Endocannabinoid Systems (ECS). This is a series of receptors found in mammals, that help control a number of different functions. Cannabinoids, like CBD, can interact with the ECS. Here are a few ways in which CBD may affect dogs:

It may relieve inflammation issues

At this point, CBD is pretty well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects. These anti-inflammatory properties of CBD result due to its interaction with the receptors in the immune cells. The receptor CBD interacts with is called CB2 (cannabinoid 2 receptor), which helps regulate different types of immune responses, including anti-inflammatory ones. Studies, like this one and this one, have found that CBD may be able to help reduce inflammation and help with pain.

It may provide a sense of calm

CBD may be effective for relieving anxiety and stress, both of which are common in dogs. Recent research suggests that CBD could really help the body produce serotonin and help soothe anxiety.

Possible side effects of CBD for dogs

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t much scientific data about using CBD for dogs. What we do know about CBD side effects for dogs is based on people. The World Health Organization says that CBD is safe for humans and generally doesn’t cause any serious side effects. The side effects usually occur when a person is using a low-quality CBD product, over-consuming it, or have a sensitivity to CBD.

The best way to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any side effects is by giving them the right dosage. Start with a low dose and increase it gradually if necessary. Keep a watch on your dog to see if they are acting differently.

How do I find a good CBD product for my dog?

There are many different CBD products available in the market, both good and bad, because the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate CBD. Some of those products are good for your dogs, while others can cause serious damage. So, how can you be sure that you’ve found a good one.

For starters, you can check if a product is tested by an in dependent lab and has a certificate of analysis. This information is usually available on the company’s website and on the product as well. These are there to show that the CBD product is free of toxins. They also tell you that the product is of the same quality as it is being advertised. Watch out for products containing higher levels of THC, because the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) considers THC to be a toxic substance for both cats and dogs. Rarely do CBD products have the lethal dosage of THC, but THC can be toxic at any level. So, you should keep an eye out for THC-free products for your dog.

The best way to give CBD to your dogs

There are several ways of adding CBD to your dog’s diet. There are plenty of CBD dog treats. Not every time, though, because you may end up giving too much CBD to your dog. CBD oil is the other option; it contains a carrier oil, usually hemp or coconut, which our dogs love. You can give CBD oil to your dog directly. You can apply a few drops of CBD on their gums. You can add a few drops of CBD oil in their food, or you can use CBD oil to make dog treats for your dog. However you give your dog CBD, just be sure to watch how much you’re giving them to be sure that you’re giving them the right amount.

This is also where a lot of people have a lot of questions about withdrawals. CBD is non-addictive, so it isn’t likely that your dog will have severe effects if you forget to give them their dose of CBD. They may experience the issues that you are giving them the CBD for, but as far as withdrawals, your dog is not likely to experience anything new.

The legality of CBD

The legality of CBD for humans is an entirely different matter that at of dogs and animals. Hemp is federally legal in the United State. Most CBD products are made using hemp, as a result, they are legal in most states. The legality of other forms of CBD is a bit more complicated. Few states allow both medicinal and recreational use of CBD, and you don’t need a prescription to buy a CBD product. Some require a prescription. Other states don’t allow both recreational and medicinal use of CBD, even if you have a prescription.


Be sure to talk to your vet before you give your pet any CBD products. They will be able to tell you if it is the right choice for them. Don’t buy low-quality, cheap CBD products because they may contain harmful elements that can damage your dog’s health. If the veterinarian and the state give you the green light to use CBD for your dog, then make sure to dose it properly. Start with as low of a dose as possible and slowly work your way up from there. Follow all these steps, and hopefully, you and your dog may benefit from CBD use. Read about human CBD vs dog CBD.