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Companna Premium CBD Dog Chews Bacon Beef 2mg CBD per Chew 60mg CBD per jar 30 pieces

"Companna has been a lifesaver for our dog Sosuke. He can finally go out and enjoy himself without feeling anxious or on edge because Companna is always there with him, providing the soothing voice that he needs when fireworks start going off or when he gets a bit stressed!"

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Companna premium nano cbd softgels everyday formula 10mg cbd per softgel 300mg cbd per bottle 30 softgels

"The process of purchasing the product was very easy. Delivered in a very timely manner. I have noticed a difference in my dog. Thank you so much."

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Companna premium cbd oil THC-free pet formula for your dogs and cats 7.5mg CBD per quarter dropper. 900mg CBD per bottle. 1 fl oz / 30ml

"We live in a small space with lots of foot traffic in the hallways which raises my pups alarm. The Companna oil has helped her relax and chill, happy to say she loves the CBD oil!"

CBD treats for your good boy

Our furry, four-legged friends are so much more than pets–they’re our best friends, our trusted companions, and beloved family members! That is why we worked tirelessly to craft Companna, an all-organic, nutritional pet CBD perfect for your good pup. Our proprietary blends help provide a high-quality, life-enriching lifestyle so your companion can enjoy a healthier, happier, and longer life.

There are growing benefits of pet CBD use. Whether your pup suffers from anxiety, stress, old aged, fragile bones, pain, inflammation, or stiffness, Companna CBD can help. There are even developing benefits to help your dog to stop snoring! Learn more about our premium pet CBD collection, our story, and start the healthier lifestyle for your best friend.

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CBD tinctures
to get them purring

Cat lovers will agree, they’re simply the best pets to have. And we won’t entirely disagree, we can acknowledge these treasured felines bring unconditional love and limitless joy to our lives! One instance we can all recognize is a cat’s purr can melt your heart. Give them something to truly purr about with our premium, nutritional pet CBD. Despite their stubborn attitude, low maintenance independence, and overload of cuteness, we still want to give them more and the benefits of our CBD Oil dropper are plenty!

Cats can become nervous for a number of reasons: meeting strangers, other cats, traveling, visits the vet, or shifting to a new home. Whichever life’s panic is thrown their direction, our CBD oil can be used as an effective and safe manner to treat both anxiety and pain. Whether it be short-term or long-term solutions for cat owners with chronic worry, our CBD bottle oil comes with a pre-measured dropper perfect for various types of consumption even for the pickiest of cats.

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Benefits of CBD

If you have a pet that’s struggling with illness, injury, anxiety, or old age, you might be wondering if CBD products are right for them? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical contained in the cannabis plant. Additionally, cannabis oil is a natural treatment for pets that has been gaining in popularity since CBD was made legal throughout the United States in 2018. It’s because there are so many pets who swear that it helps them alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, assist with pain, comfort seizures, arthritis, and epilepsy. Learn more about the growing benefits of CBD use for pets. Shop our premium pet CBD Chews, Softgels, and CBD oils for dogs and cats!

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