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a person holding a dog treat in front of a dog that is sitting

CBD Dog Treats

Our four-legged, furry companions are far more than pets – they’re our closest friends, trustworthy partners, and beloved family members! That is why we invested so much time and effort into developing Companna, an all-organic, nutritional CBD dog treat that’s perfect for your wonderful pet. Our proprietary blends allow you and your companion to live a more fulfilling life by offering high-quality living.

There are several advantages to using cannabis-based CBD products for pets. Whether your dog has anxiety, stress, osteoarthritis, discomfort, inflammation, or stiffness, Companna CBD can assist. There are several extra benefits to help your dog stop snoring! Learn more about our high-quality pet CBD collection, our history, and how you may start a better life for your best pal.

Bacon Beef Premium CBD Dog Chews

Try a CBD product that your dog will beg for. These beef-flavored dog chews are made with water-soluble CBD and are intended to provide your dog with all of the advantages of CBD-rich hemp. Plus, your dog will enjoy the taste! These CBD dog chews are designed to provide your pet with not only the delicious tastes of beef, but also the potentially health-boosting properties of CBD for dogs. Water-soluble CBD is used in the production of beef-flavored CBD dog chews, which are meant to give your pup all of the health advantages of CBD hemp.

Premium Nano CBD Softgels

Your dog or cat will enjoy the comfort of CBD with the convenience of softgels. Our Everyday Formula Softgels are made with organic CBD, which may give your pet with fast relief. Simply cover the capsule with peanut butter or wrap it in lunchmeat and your pet will get the relief they deserve. Depending on what the canine is suffering from to begin with, CBD softgels for dogs might offer a variety of advantages to man’s best friend. We use only the highest organic and natural ingredients to make CBD dog softgels, and we are confident that they contain everything that is needed to keep you informed of what your dog will be receiving. Organic CBD from Everyday Formula CBD softgels may help your canine get fast-acting assistance.

Premium CBD Oil for Dogs – 1350mg

Companna likes to keep things simple. That’s why our Premium CBD Pet Tincture only contains our organic broad spectrum CBD extract and organic olive oil, avoiding the complexity that comes with mixing different oils together. That way, you may give your dog (canine) the advantages of a product you know to be dependable. CBD oil for dogs has a wide range of possible advantages that your dog may notice. Our CBD oil for dogs is made with natural components only in the forms of CBD extract and carrier oil, which is olive oil, to ensure that you are giving your dog with the best. This 11.25mg dropper full or organic broad spectrum CBD is available in a variety of sizes, including this 11.25mg dropper full or organic broad spectrum CBD from Planet Hemp.

This item is USDA organic certified.

Premium CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats – 900mg

Our Premium Pet CBD Tincture is entirely comprised of our organic broad spectrum CBD extract and organic olive oil. This is so that you know exactly what you’re going to give your dog or cat. CBD oil for pets has a long list of potential health benefits that may be used to treat a variety of ailments. Give your dog or cat pet CBD today and watch them enjoy it as much as you do.

This item is USDA organic certified.

You could be wondering if CBD products are suitable for your pet if he or she is suffering from an illness, injury, anxiety, or old age. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis oil, which is a natural treatment for pets that has been gaining popularity since CBD was legalized throughout the United States in 2018, is another name for it. It’s because there are so many dogs and cats that claim it relieves stress, anxiety, aids in pain management, soothes seizures, arthritis, and epilepsy. Learn more about the growing number of benefits of CBD treatment for pets. Shop our high-quality pet CBD Chews, Softgels, and CBD oils for dogs and cats!