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a german Shepard

How CBD Helps Dogs with Hip dysplasia.

Zoe has always been an energetic companion. Katrina, her owner, noted that Zoe is a runner who enjoys playing hard and leaping around the fields behind their home.

As Zoe got into her senior years, like many dogs before her, her pet parents began to notice some deterioration in her mobility. Her hips became weak and painful, and she began to lose mobility faster and faster after a few triggering events.

Unfortunately, certain breeds, no matter how well cared for and loved, can be vulnerable to certain degenerative diseases. The hind legs of German shepherds, which Zoe has inherited some genetic material from, are prone to difficulties. Hip dysplasia is a serious concern in this breed, and it frequently causes significant suffering as well as limited mobility.

“She’ll do all sorts of splits, straddles, and even more complicated things like that. When we’d walk along, she’d fall over a few times when she was going to the restroom; she would fall.”

Keeping Zoe active was something Katrina recognized would be critical for ensuring that she remained healthy as she got older, but it became more difficult. Zoe refused to go on walks, got hurt rapidly and didn’t want to play with her doggie sibling Pups as much.

Katrina was adamant that this would not be the thing that ruined her dog’s quality of life, with each other area of her health in excellent shape.

“I really didn’t want to see her legs give out before the rest of her body. It’s difficult to watch an older dog who used to be energetic not be able to do things she used to be able to do.” Katrina comments

Fortunately, Zoe was given the Companna tincture, which contains full-spectrum CBD and a variety of natural healing therapies, promptly.

Natural Treatments for Arthritis For Dogs with Hip dysplasia.

Zoe could not have been happier with the family she was given. They aren’t only familiar with western medicine (Katrina’s husband is a pediatrician), but Katrina also has excellent instincts when it comes to holistic medicine.

She claims, “I’m a little strange,” with a grin and makes “woo-woo” motions with her hands.

Despite her veterinarian’s hesitation, Katrina decided it would be a good idea for Zoe to start eating a raw food diet in order to help her regain some of the weight she’d lost. This nutrient-dense, species-appropriate cuisine provided significant benefits and aided tremendously with Zoe’s problems of hip dysplasia.

Dr. Paul Rowan, a holistic veterinarian at The Center for Animal Healing in Virginia Beach, VA, has also had a significant impact on Katrina’s ability to heal Zoe.

Animal Healing

The Center for Animal Healing is well-known for its holistic therapy options. Dr. Rowan moved into an entirely holistic approach after practicing conventional medicine for many years. Chiropractic, acupuncture, food therapy, and microcurrent treatment are all part of his specialty!

One of the most important aspects of Zoe’s recovery was the use of tiny, electrical currents to encourage blood flow and help the body’s natural healing processes. Microcurrent treatment is a highly successful technique for treating inflammatory and degenerative illnesses like hip dysplasia, arthritis, and myoclonic twitching.

Hemp Oil That Is Vet Approved

Dr. Rowan is the doctor who recommended hemp oil for canine arthritis. Most conventional veterinarians would prescribe an NSAID for this sort of condition, but Dr. Rowan had observed the negative side effects and dismal long-term prospects for dogs treated with these medications.

Katrina tried Dr. Rowan’s recommendation and began experimenting to discover the best dosage of full-spectrum hemp extract for her dog with Hip dysplasia.

“I believe the Companna has been more beneficial than anything!”

How Much CBD Should You Give a Dog With Hip Dysplasia?

Katrina wanted her dog Zoe to get the most out of the hemp extract she was using, so she paid close attention to the dosage instructions and fine-tuned them based on Zoe’s response.

Katrina began by applying just the Companna tincture, dividing it into a few doses per day as directed on the dosing instructions page. She observed an immediate improvement in Zoe’s mobility, but wanted to continue experimenting.

She decided to try adding the Companna tincture into Zoe’s routine after that. The additional advantages of the CBD Premium Dog Chews helped to enhance the anti-inflammatory capabilities of hemp oil for hip dysplasia, resulting in greater comfort and relief for Zoe.

“Now, I’m using a combination of them, which I think has worked the best. So I think the two doses of the Companna  is my best bet with her.”

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs with Hip dysplasia.

For example, Katrina explains why Companna works so much better for her dogs after using numerous different hemp products on her pets previously. First and foremost, these solutions are all full-spectrum.

The phrase “Full Spectrum” refers to the fact that all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and therapeutic compounds in their natural proportions are maintained, whereas other extracts may remove or isolate certain components.

“I appreciate that it’s full spectrum, I understand it. It’s like comparing whole foods to a single vitamin. When you eat the entire meal, you can think of it as a complete orchestra playing. However, if you only take vitamin C, for example, it might be similar to just one section of the orchestra performing and not sounding as good as when all of the members play together to make the greatest music.”

What a Huge Difference It Makes For Dogs with Hip dysplasia.

Zoe began loosening up and feeling more at ease with her joints after just a few days of using hemp oil for arthritis and hip dysplasia. She was able to walk further, play longer, and spend more time with her sister Pups.

“The less pain she’s in, the more her muscles can strengthen. My aim for her was to try and build up a little bit of muscle mass that we initially lost as a result of her illness’s slowness or degenerative nature.”

Zoe’s arthritis was finally relieved, and she is now feeling a new lease of life thanks to CBD oil for dogs.

“The one thing I wish for is that, you know, I would have had it a little sooner for Zoe. So that as soon as symptoms began, I could have started to assist her since the body heals itself more easily.”