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Is Pet CBD Treats For Cats and Dogs Safe?

What do you get your dog (or cat) when they’re sick? If a few CBD cat snacks aren’t enough, consider adding some hemp hearts. Today, we’ll discuss CBD for cats, CBD for dogs, what makes them unique, and whether or not your dog would be able to tolerate some of your cat’s CBD goodies.

CBD for Cats: What’s Unique About It?

CBD treatments are designed for cats to make it easier for you to give CBD to your cat companions. It might be difficult to get a cat to try new things because they can be picky eaters. Some cats eat the same meals every day and will not try a new brand or flavor of kibbles. Given their wariness of anything new, it is considerably more difficult to introduce CBD into their system. So, how can you persuade your cat to consume CBD?

We figured this would be a difficult issue for cat people, so we developed CBD in chewable forms that are easy to consume and come in enticing flavors that cats enjoy. This makes it much easier to introduce CBD into your cat’s system. Working with veterinarians to create the ideal formulation for cats’ particular physiological and selective eating patterns, we took their biology and requirements into account.

Formulated to Be Feline-Friendly

CBD products for cats are designed particularly for the smaller feline body. While the CBD formulations for dogs and cats are very similar, they’re flavored with tastes that your pets will enjoy at serving sizes appropriate for dogs and cats. CBD from cbdMD is cat-friendly, so your bundle of cat joy may take part in CBD as part of their full health regimen.

Hemp is a powerful antioxidant. It’s also high in essential fatty acids, which help maintain skin and coat health. THC-free hemp products were created to complement your cat’s daily wellness routine. The hemp soft chews are manufactured in the United States with high-quality plant extracts sourced from hemp cultivated here. The servings are tailored to fit your cat’s smaller physique. It is critical to have feline-friendly alternatives for your cat because of their physical size disparities and eating habits.

CBD cat tinctures are simple to add to your cat’s regular food, or CBD cat treats are a delectable alternative for picky cats or cats that just adore something special. You may use them while training your cat or offer them a treat as part of their regular CBD routine; it works best when given on a regular basis and at roughly the same intervals.

Made Especially with Flavors Your Cat will Love

The CBD soft chews for cats are available in 150 mg and 300 mg dosages, so you may choose the one that is best for your cat’s weight. These soft chews from CBD Cat Treats combine chicken and catnip flavors that cats adore. We’ve discovered that by paying close attention to the various tastes of cats, we can create snacks that appeal more to them to make it easier for you to get your cat to consume their daily CBD.

The CBD soft chews are also kind to feline teeth, which is great news for older felines. There’s also a kidney support chews in 150 mg and 300 mg options, which is something many cat parents worry about.

CBD for Dogs: What Makes it Different?

When compared to cats, dogs have very different eating habits. It’s possible that your dog wants the same rewards as yours because they’re so unlike cats. Dogs love new fragrances and tastes, and they are rarely picky when it comes to food. They may even scarf down a meal and barely notice what’s in their bowl from time to time! When dogs are hungry, or anything smells even moderately appealing, they just want to eat it – now! The reaction of your pet includes CBD cat chews you gave him.

CBD Dog Products Are Formulated to Be Canine-Friendly

Our CBD products for dogs include our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD solution, such as the cat treats and tinctures, however they are tailored more precisely to your dog’s preferences and size. They also contain CBD tinctures for dogs, as well as both hard and soft chews that will be loved by your dog.

Made With Flavors Dogs Love

Dogs’ preferences are a bit more diversified than cats’, but we’ve chosen a handful of flavors that dogs particularly enjoy, such as peanut butter, baked cheese, chicken, bacon, turkey, and blueberry. You’ll be able to discover the ideal CBD treatment to add to your dog’s health regimen because of all of the alternatives. Make a point of looking at all of the unique CBD items for dogs that we have available.

Is CBD for Cats OK for Dogs too?

Will it harm them? No, it is quite safe and you may stop stressing about it. However, it isn’t really ideal in this way. Here’s a little information on why separate CBD products are necessary for your cat and dog. You must also be aware of how much CBD they take in. Perhaps your dog has already started getting their CBD and is now eating the CBD cat snacks as well? You simply need to be informed. There are superior choices available for your dog, using factors like your dog’s size and dietary requirements.

CBD for Cats vs CBD for Dogs

The CBD cat treats and CBD dog treats include the advantages of our Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts, both are THC-free, and they have a number of similarities:

  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Come in different options so you can choose the ones that are right for the size of your pet; tinctures, treats, and for the dogs, a topical balm.
  • Both are appropriate for either dogs or cats but are specifically formulated for each to give you better options for your pets.
  • Both are designed to support your pet’s sense of calm and help manage normal daily stress.
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-free

The components, such as carrier oils or the chewable portion of the goods, are all intended to be readily digested by cats and dogs. There are no strange chemicals in there; just natural elements like rice flour or rosemary. Each product page includes detailed ingredient lists, as well as “terpenes” and “cannabinoids,” which come from the hemp plant and are included in the pet-friendly formulations to provide CBD oil and other nutritious ingredients.

Tips for Giving Your Dogs and Cats Their OWN CBD

Yes, it’s difficult when your dog is in a hurry to eat up the cat snacks! When combining CBD with your pets, you may need to feed them separately to ensure they each receive what they are meant to have. When your dog is sleeping, offer your cat some treats. For example, move the cat’s food bowl if the dog continuously consumes the cat food (and any CBD oil drops intended for him).

Feed Your Pets Their CBD Separately

You can use CBD for your dog or cat if you want to give them CBD tinctures for cats or CBD cat treats. You may also wish to utilize dog-friendly alternatives for your canine. It’s critical to treat each pet individually to be sure you’re providing them with the appropriate nutrients in the proper dosages for their size and that you’re giving them the required amount each day.

Write it Down: Keep Track of Servings

If you write everything down, it’s much simpler to recall. Make a whiteboard next to your pet’s feeding area for easy access. You may keep track of when they’ve had their morning and evening portions of CBD, how much they ate, and when they received their CBD treats in this manner.

If you have a lot of people in your family who want to give the pets something, this idea may be especially useful. If your kids want to get involved and you’re not sure whether they’ll follow the modest amount you’ve established for little Fido, give them a different treat they can offer to your pets that they can give whenever they choose and won’t need you to keep an eye on it. Choose someone to handle the CBD items, or write it down and cross it off your pre-made list. Regardless, having everything written down or checking it off a prepared checklist makes things so much simpler.

Remember: CBD works best when given at fairly regular times and when done daily. 

You want your dogs to get the most out of their CBD, and you don’t want them to feel like they’re being taken advantage of. Isn’t it true that you wanted to offer your pets CBD in order to make their lives as enjoyable as possible?

Keep track of your pet’s meals so you can check on them and change their portion if necessary for the best results. It soon becomes a habit; after a while, your pet will most likely begin reminding YOU it’s time for their treat.

CBD Treats for Cats and for Dogs Are a Game-Changer

When it comes to giving our cats and dogs the finest we can, CBD oil-infused treats are a fantastic alternative. They rely on us, love on us, and most of the time entertain us endlessly. We adore them back with neck and belly rubs, and by keeping their favorite food available.

It’s all right for your dog to have a few of CBD treats now and again if he or she is completely obsessed with your cat’s. There’s no need to be concerned about it. Simply keep a special location on the shelf for CBD cats and CBD dogs, in perhaps two adorable baskets. Once your dog smells the peanut butter or bacon flavors, they’ll be totally okay with having their own CBD goodies!

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